Beef Eye Fillet cooked right
Beef Eye Fillet cooked right

... whilst enjoying a Coromandel
time-out or a getaway weekend
in a Luxury B&B in the Coromandel Peninsula 

you can learn & experience how to make your own healthy "Home Made Food"

After the 2020 Covid19 National lockdown, this Luxury Lodge for the International Tourism Market changes their profile to a Luxury Domestic BnB with nearly half of booking cost, for New Zealanders only.

… it's more & more popular to make your own healthy food at home.
Being more & more in close family or just like to change some food habits for health and avoiding industrial processed & ready-made labeled food,  we not only are prepared & skilled .... we increase even the flavour of our daily food.

What a pleasure & fun, to learn this homemade foods whilst you relax in a time-out break or getaway weekend booked in a unique New Zealand luxury B&B a Coromandel Luxury Bed and Breakfast which was 25 years long a well known unique Luxury Lodge in the Coromandel Peninsula.

Your own pro-biotic Yoghurt or Kefir 

Kombucha or other Kefir Fizzy Drinks, pro-biotic

Baguette or Ciabatta Bread.

Italian Biscotti the genuine & easy way

Baked Cheesecake with Quark using a German family recipe or
… very special even, how to make a genuine "Black Forest Cherry Gateaux" (with KIRSCH Brandy) 

Double cooked, self cut French Fries without Deep-fryer

homemade Hollandaise Sauce in under 5 minutes.

Avoiding more & more  "Industry labeled & packaged food"  from the supermarket should be a goal for your family.  Whenever you prepare food that hasn't seen a package label, you are going on a healthy way of lifestyle. And by the way, it's increasing the flavour of the goodies you serve.

Book your FUN - LEARN weekend in advance to gain the best skills for the offered food-packages. You will get some Yoghurt/Kefir/Kombucha/Sourdough starters for your home after your stay.