Ciabatta Italian style
Ciabatta Italian style

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It is absolutely not difficult and for you quick and easy to learn whilst having a relaxed time-out getaway in the Coromandel Peninsula

With your visit at the Luxury B&B  Bushlands in the Coromandel Peninsula you'll get a starter for Kefir, Yoghurt or Kombucha for your first try at home.

We do have several other foody ideas during your stay in our Lodge
and are happy to share our recipes and experiences with you, whatever we have done in 25 years New Zealand Hospitality.

Your own Yoghurt or Kefir in your fridge, made from quality milk.

Kombucha or other Kefir Fizzy Drinks from Feijoas or other Garden fruits.

Easy to learn how to make Baguette or Ciabatta Bread.

Italian Biscotti always stored at home for your next friend guests' visit.

Learn to use your drained homemade Yoghurt to bake a Cheesecake with Chocolate or plain with simply Vanilla Pods or lemon.
… very special even, how to make a genuine "Black Forest Cherry Gateaux" (with KIRSCH Brandy) shown from German Black Forest born Host, named "Petra"

Double cooked, self cut French Fries with Parmesan crunch, to cook without Deep-fryer... to impress at your next dinner at home.

adding a homemade Hollandaise Sauce which can be made in less than 5 minutes,  before you serve the dish.